Ugobest Global Entertainment Foundation is a programme under Ugobest global entertainment which engages in promoting youths and upcoming artistes. The main purpose of the foundation scheme is to help upcoming entertainers in need of assistance and support in achieving their dreams. The company runs the same service as that of the record label but ours is named foundation because we do not tie down the careers of our artistes over the years, every signed artiste has the right to decide the number of years to work with the foundation and also to opt out of the deal whenever he wishes and any profit made must be shared equally (50% for the Artiste and 50% for the Foundation), and profit accrued must go via the artiste’s account, before the artiste remits to the Foundation their own percentage. The Foundation is not against any genre or style of music but the artiste must do it well because we believe in good music and also there is no limit to the artistes we sign to our company. Once the Artiste purchases the form, he/she automatically becomes a member of the Foundation; No Interview, No Audition. The artistes will get appointments for recording sessions, and when the artiste has completed his/her six tracks, the Foundation will select one out of the six tracks, shoot the video and start the promotion while the remaining five (5) tracks will be reserved, the artiste will commence another recording sessions of another six tracks for another 3 months, this process will be done every three months, i.e six tracks every three months. And anytime the artiste submit the six tracks, we must pick one for Video Shoot, while the reserved tracks will be packaged for album. Our Foundation does not need to listen to any artiste’s job before signing him/her to the Foundation, because the artiste might be good but the production of the job might be poor, or the production of the job might be good, but later on when the artiste has been signed into the Foundation, we will discover that the artiste has nothing to offer. That is the reason why we do not have interest in listening to any job before signing any artiste. Our Label is for people who believe in themselves and for people who trust themselves. If you believe in yourself, buy the form and register with the Foundation. If your job is good we will promote you, but if your job is not good, we will teach you and still promote you. Teaching implies our producers and our songwriters putting you inline. We don't reject anyone, whether you are good or not, because our sponsors made it mandatory that any artiste registered under us must benefit under us, so long the artiste is good, and so long he is serious; serious means even when the artiste job does not come out well, he puts more effort to make sure his job comes out well, we don't reject anybody. Accommodation/Offcial car/feeding & wardrobe money will not be offered to the artiste immediately he/she purchases the form, but offering him/her the listed benefits will be determined by the artistes successful efforts in his job productions and shows emanating from his efforts.

Our Services:

1. Provide financial support for young talented music artistes.
2. We offer free recording session for our talented artistes. Bearing all cost for album production. And also free video shoots.
3. We must drop our artistes’ audio and video at once while the promotion run on all radio stations and TV stations the same time.
4. Every signed artiste is expected to submit recorded Six tracks every 3 months during the period of his/her stay with the Label, of which the label shall bear the cost
5. Provide radio & television advertisement for our signed artistes.
6. Give all our artistes wide coverage through adding their song(s) on all Alaba Music selection mix.
7. Provide press coverage for all our young talented artistes through posters, handbills, billboards e.t.c.
8. Provide the platform for them to showcase their talent through invitations to all our shows and events to perform.
9. We help our talented artistes promote their songs on popular sites and social media.
10. The Foundation train people to be the best singers, producers, DJs, actors, comedians and the best dancers.
11. We create club tours, school tours, event tours, local and international tours for our talented artistes.
12. We connect our talented artistes with top celebrities (local and international).
13. We offer our Star Artistes official car and accommodation.
14. We provide the best comfort to our talented artistes.
15. If the artiste is satisfied with our Conditions, he/she will be signed under the Foundation with immediate effect.

The Foundation is meant for people who believe in their selves and also meant for people who trust their selves.
Interested Talented ones will need to get the form so as to enjoy the service.
Thank you.

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